Panavision Look

Add a “Panavision Look” to your project

My friend Vashi Nedomansky has updated his fabulous Ultimate Aspect Ratio Guide which can help you add a “Panasvision Look” to any project.   He was inspired by the recent 70mm release of the Hateful Eight to update his looks.

It’s not just about adding a vignette over your video to give it a “Panavision Look.”   It’s about adding correct aspect ratio vignettes over your video so they “look real.”   Vashi goes beyond just telling you what the aspect ratios are, he gives you 50+ FREE templates to use in the NLE of your choice from SD to 6k.   You can even use them in FX software like After Effects or Fusion, you just drag them to a video layer above the one you’re working on.

Also included is a link to the Unravel_Resolution_CheatSheet for exporting to the current frame sizes for various outputs.

Vashi is an incredible artist and an all around great guy.  Be sure to bookmark his site for lots of great freebies.

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