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Trint: Transcriptions Redefined

A friend pointed me to Trint transcription services.  They claim to have redefined transcriptions by creating a superior software algorithm to quickly and pretty accurately turn around transcriptions from audio and video files.   I was very skeptical having tried software like this in the past.   Well, after trying them out, I am quite […]

Take Time for Fun over the Holidays!

The older we get, the more the Holidays seem to get stressful.  Doesn’t matter which Holiday you celebrate this time of year, there’s so much pressure to have the “perfect party,” get the “perfect gift(s),” “get everything done” and of course get stuck in traffic, especially on weekends near a shopping center.   The Holidays […]

I Can Do That! (How am I going to do that?)

I’ve been working on a new e-Learning proposal for the past few weeks.  Didn’t know I could do that?  Well, I can and can’t. See it’s a video centric learning program but just showing videos and scenarios isn’t enough.  We really need to test the employees at each step along the way to ensure they’re […]

Rampant Design Tools Black Friday Sale 2016

My good friends at Rampant Design Tools are having an AWESOME Black Friday Sale that runs through the end of November.  There are 60% to 80% savings throughout the Rampant Design Store.  I use their tools literally every single day at my office.  Most of these filters, overlays and elements are created optically in 4k […]