Big Changes coming to the site in January!

Had an awesome meeting today with Carl Olson today, my partner in crime on this very site.  He’s the guy who built this site and has helped get all the back end components into place so we can have the site ready to go for the next phase.

As you know the intention of this site is to go beyond the button pushing, user manual regurgitation approach of so many websites out there.   In addition, this site will be populated with actual working professionals, not professional trainers.   As the recently completed Southeast Creative Summit showed me, there is a real thirst and need out here for good practical information on the creative and especially the business side of what we all do.  My presentation, “Don’t Get Screwed!” was one of the most attended workshops of the weekend and filled with those “aha” and “oh yeah, why didn’t I think of that?” moments.

Well come January, that presentation along with a whole host of others will be launching from this site.  The goal is to kick off with around 10 hours of training materials with an additional 1 – 2 hours, at least, going up per month.   We’ll be covering the gamut from technical to career and business including some premium, insider knowledge that is simply not available anywhere else.   At least not that I have found and certainly not from the caliber of working professionals who are working with us.

I’m especially excited about a new product we’ll talk more about later in January that will really change the way we all communicate and work together.  I’ll also have a new Podcast and some video casts launching sometime in January.

Production has already started and Members who are signed up for this site will be receiving an introductory pricing special in advance of the public launch of the new materials.    If you’re not a Member, be sure to sign up today.

Thanks so much for your support through the years and I’m really excited for y’all to see what’s coming next!


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