I Can Do That! (How am I going to do that?)

I’ve been working on a new e-Learning proposal for the past few weeks.  Didn’t know I could do that?  Well, I can and can’t.

See it’s a video centric learning program but just showing videos and scenarios isn’t enough.  We really need to test the employees at each step along the way to ensure they’re getting the material.   Years ago I established a relationship with a really good e-Learning partner for these very situations.  For this project we’re going to work together with them taking point on the educational design and me on the video production.  We’ll work together on the overall project management and development.

Moral of the story?  Work on your network of connections for really good and really honest partners you can bring in so when you get a call that says, “Can you do that?” your answer can be “Absolutely!”

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