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Training By Working Creative Professionals brings you media training and advice from inside the industry. No professional trainers, just working Creative Professionals who earn their living “in the trenches” every day, meeting deadlines and having to push creative limits. These are the people I want to learn from. Editors, Sound Designers, Colorists, Photographers, Producers, Public Relations, Research & Development, Business Development & Growth and so on. They understand not only the equipment and software, but how you need to operate in order to meet deadlines, specifications, manage time and most of all, grow your career and business.

So the idea here is to look beyond just the technical and get into the craft of what we do in all aspects of Production and Business. Once you know how to push the buttons, you need to know what to do next to have a successful career in this industry. We are going to be that resource.

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Become a member today and get immediate access to the content of Much of the content will be made up of modules covering Pre-Production, Production, Post Production and Business / Career. For the most part these are done in conversational video training and the modules are generally broken down into no more than 10 minute chapters allowing you to easily view them at your leisure.

Now just because my name is the title of the website, I don’t have an ego whereby I have to present ALL of the training on here. That’s just silly. No one person can know everything in this craft and then pretend to teach you like an “expert.” In my case my strengths are in editorial, color, post production design, management and motion graphics. But I know some damn good artists who are super talented in their respective fields and I’m proud to say they’re going to be a part of this site. Folks I know and trust when I need work done or advice. Heck you’re going to hear from some folks who have nothing to do with media production but have some incredible insight on starting, building and growing a business.

So welcome to a new era in creative media training, advice and sharing at

Walter Biscardi, Jr., Founder

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