Walter Biscardi Jr. hails originally from New York’s Hudson Valley and for over 25 years has been creating incredible stories for a global audience.  An award-winning video editor, animator and post-production supervisor, he’s also a well rounded storyteller as an accomplished Producer, Director and Writer.    When not in production, you can usually find him in the kitchen or out near the grill living out his ‘second life’ as a chef.

Samples from my Portfolio

Commercial: Bridgestone Golf “Explosive Speed.”  Video Editor & Graphics

Animation: “Good Eats” Peachy Keen.  Graphics and Animation

Original Series: Southern Scoops.  Original Concept, Producer, Director, Camera, Editor, Graphics.

Digital Series: Arson Dogs with Victoria Stilwell. Post Supervisor, Graphics, Colorist, Editor

Science Education: Water Science With Wade!  Producer, Writer, Director, Graphics, Editor

Documentary: Foul Water Fiery Serpent.  Co-Producer, Post Supervisor, Editor, Graphics, Colorist

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