Anatomy of an Edit Suite presents the essentials of what you should be considering in a professional video or film edit suite.

Whether you’re working in your house, apartment or commercial space, the basics of a pro edit suite are the same. Walter Biscardi, Jr. has been editing for almost 25 years and he’s set up 6 different Post facilities. Here he brings his knowledge of space and equipment to you in a very simple and easy to understand course to set you up for Video Editing, Graphic Design, Animation, Color Grading, Audio Design and overall Post Production.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1 (Duration 4:35)

WB_Post_0014_Part1-200wLesson 1

Part 1 covers the Editing Console (Desk), and the Chair.

Lesson 2 (Duration 8:02)

WB_Post_0014_Part2-200wLesson 2

In Part 2 we cover Monitors and the Tablet.

Lesson 3 (Duration 8:12)

WB_Post_0014_Part3-200wLesson 3

Part 3 covers Audio Hardware, Monitor / USB Extenders, Work Environment and 18% Grey Walls.

Author: Walter Biscardi, Sr.
Level: Basic / Intermediate
Skill Set: Post Production
Categories: Post Production, Editorial.
Who Should Watch: Editors, Post Production Supervisors, Production Managers, Company Owners.
Running Time: 3 chapters, 21 minutes
Course Number: WB_Post_0014

About the Author

Walter Biscardi, Jr.

Walter Biscardi, Jr.

Founder, Biscardi Creative Media

Millions of creatives around the world know Walter Biscardi, Jr. thanks to the website where he has shared knowledge and advice to countless people on the forums and his blogs. Walter is the founder of Biscardi Creative Media and a co-founder of the Atlanta Cutters Post Production User Group.