I bet you thought Twitter was just for sharing black and white pictures of your dinner. Think again!

This module will introduce you to the value of social media, showing you the importance of self-marketing and maintaining a friendly online identity — for individuals, freelancers, or businesses. Kylee will show you the most important social media sites to join, why you should have a blog and website, and how to get it all into the ever-elusive Google so people can actually discover you. And it’s not as difficult as you might think. You’ll learn valuable information for creating and marketing an approachable and fun online persona that will help make you stand out among the competition and get your name into the wild. The Internet is forever, so take advantage of it for your career – instead of leaving a trail of dickishness.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1 (Duration 5:24)

WB_Biz_004_1_Small_Thumbnail_200wLesson 1

Lesson 2 (Duration 8:46)

WB_Biz_004_2_Small_Thumbnail_200wLesson 2

Lesson 3 (Duration 3:10)

WB_Biz_004_3_Small_Thumbnail_200wLesson 3

Author: Walter Biscardi, Sr.
Level: Basic / Intermediate
Skill Set: Business, Post Production
Categories: Business, Client Relations, Contracts, Post Production, Editorial.
Who Should Watch: Editors, Post Production Supervisors, Production Managers, Company Owners.
Running Time: 3 chapters, 17 minutes
Course Number: WB_BIZ_0004

About the Author

Kylee Wall

Kylee Wall

Editor, Social Media Expert

Kylee is a frequent tweeter and blogger, a contributing editor for Creative COW and co-host of the podcast The Track Matte Moment, a post confessional about making mistakes and the lessons you learn from them. A combination of social media and networking led her to Atlanta to work for Biscardi Creative Media in 2013. Her most recent work is editing the PBS series The American Land.