It seems a given that during planning and pre-production of a new project, post production will be an afterthought.

Whatever goes wrong in the production, “we’ll just fix it in post.”  It’s like a ‘get out of jail free’ card.   Why does it have to be that way? Involving Post from the get go can often lead to time and money savings though coordination between Post Professionals and the production crew. It can also lead to a more creative and better end product for the Producer.  Walter Biscardi, Jr. shows you how to Put Post First to save time, money, headaches and get a better end product.

We’ll also talk about how Post Professionals can get involved in the process if they’re not asked.


Course Lessons

Lesson 1: Oh We’ll Just Fix It In Post (Duration 11:10)

put-post-first-part-1-200x113Lesson 1: Oh We’ll Just Fix It In Post

Lesson 2: Spend Money to Save Money (Duration 12:06)

put-post-first-part-2-200x113Lesson 2: Spend Money to Save Money

Lesson 3: Creative Input for a Better Project (Duration 9:35)

put-post-first-part-3-200x113Lesson 3: Creative Input for a Better Project

Author: Walter Biscardi, Jr.
Level: Basic / Intermediate
Skill Set: Business, Post-Production, Pre-Production
Categories: Business, Client Relations, Contracts, Post Production, Editorial.
Who Should Watch: Editors, Post Production Supervisors, Production Managers, Company Owners.
Running Time: 3 chapters, 33 minutes
Course Number: WB_PPRO_0001

About the Author

Walter Biscardi, Jr.

Walter Biscardi, Jr.

Founder, Biscardi Creative Media

Millions of creatives around the world know Walter Biscardi, Jr. thanks to the website where he has shared knowledge and advice to countless people on the forums and his blogs. Walter is the founder of Biscardi Creative Media and a co-founder of the Atlanta Cutters Post Production User Group.