Portfolio works.

I’ve been telling great stories for 25 years, far too many to showcase here.  I’ve created works across all disciplines including long form documentaries, episodic television, commercials, animations and even live events.  Here’s a few of my more recent and favorite works.

Social Media, Culinary: Whipped Hot Chocolate for Contemporary Living and Where’s Walter!

Commercial: Bridgestone Golf “Explosive Speed.”  Video Editor & Graphics

Culinary Arts: 4k UHD Photography. Producer, Director of Photography, Chef

Animation: “Good Eats” Peachy Keen.  Graphics and Animation

Science Education: Water Science With Wade!  Producer, Writer, Director, Graphics, Editor

Original Sizzle: Southern Scoops.  Original Concept, Producer, Director, Camera, Editor, Graphics.

Documentary: Foul Water Fiery Serpent.  Co-Producer, Post Supervisor, Editor, Graphics, Colorist

Original Sizzle: Tree Brothers.  Series Creator, Executive Producer, Director, Post Supervisor, Editor, Graphics, Colorist

Original Series: “Ice Cream Nation” Pumpkin Spice.  Series Creator, Executive Producer, Director, Post Supervisor, Editor, Graphics, Colorist

Original Sizzle: Shut Up and Drive.  Video Editor, Story Editor, Colorist, Graphics.

Animation: “Good Eats” History of Cocktails.  Graphics and Animation

Digital Series: Arson Dogs with Victoria Stilwell. Post Supervisor, Graphics, Colorist, Editor

Product Launch: Mueller Systems mobileRDM.  Producer, Writer, Editor, Graphics, Animation.

Original Series: Fork U.  Executive Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Colorist

Digital Series: “Piccolo Chef” Pizza Party.  Post Supervisor, Video Editor, Graphics, Colorist

Original Series: “The Book Nook” with Daryn Kagan.  Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Graphics, Colorist.

PSA: Georgia Care Connection.  Video Editor, Colorist

Documentary: Yoopera!.  Post Production Consultant, Video Editor, Graphics, Colorist

Commercial: New Orleans Hornets “I’m In.”  Post Supervisor, Graphics, Colorist

PSA: Fix Georgia Pets with Victoria Stilwell.  Video Editor, Compositing, Graphics, Colorist

Original Series: Parties By Number Sizzle.  Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Post Supervisor, Editor, Graphics.

Military Branding: We Are Your Navy Blue Angels.   Editor, Graphics, Colorist.

Broadcast Series: “This American Land” Episode 208.  Managing Producer, Post Supervisor, Editor, Graphics, Colorist

Animation: “Good Eats” Lentils.   Graphics, Animator

Show Open: Atlanta Hawks 360.  Producer, Editor, Graphics, Animator, Colorist

Recruiting: M² + G = The Magic of Manufacturing.  Producer, Writer, Director, Camera, Post Supervisor, Graphics, Colorist

Animation: “Good Eats” Tort(illa) Reform.   Graphics, Animator

Global Health Feature: Lilly India TB Project.  Video Editor, Graphics, Colorist.

Youth Ministry: Dive On In!   Editor, Graphics, Animator, Colorist,

Corporate Branding: Hire Dynamics BizTown.   Producer, Director, Editor, Colorist, Graphics

Training Spoof: “Whats In The Box.”   Talent, Director, Editor, Colorist.