Rampant Design Tools Black Friday Sale 2016

My good friends at Rampant Design Tools are having an AWESOME Black Friday Sale that runs through the end of November.  There are 60% to 80% savings throughout the Rampant Design Store.  I use their tools literally every single day at my office.  Most of these filters, overlays and elements are created optically in 4k and 6k using a RED camera.

There are plenty of knock-offs out there that are created in much lower resolution which results in noise and other unwanted artifacts, especially when you start layering these elements to create unique looks.  There IS a difference between Rampant elements and the “other guys.”

Using these elements is a piece of cake in just about any editing system.  Simply overlay the element on top of your video.  It’s that easy.  Use various transition mode to change the look of the element and stack as many elements as you want to create unique looks.  In my day to day work I use their lighting elements, sparks, lots of smoke and fog, sometimes the grunge and I’ve created entire show opens using their mattes and style mattes.   Their animated alpha mattes are awesome for creating quick and simply transitions or animated reveals.  Then there are so many “little things” like the dust which I recently used on a national commercial to add just a touch of movement to still images.  The producer specifically pointed to that one element to “elevating the quality” of the commercial.

For you Final Cut Pro X editors, Rampant has an amazing array of plug-ins and templates to build unique styles for your work quickly.  They look awesome and they are completely create in-house at Rampant.

The sale runs through the end of November, 2016 and it includes EVERYTHING in the store.    You can also use the code below to get a discount on individual items.  


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