So What’s Happening?

I get an email like that a few times a week.   “So what’s happening with”   We got those really fun Etiquette videos up there to start and honestly have more fun ones to do as well.

Well you know that bit I say in the introduction video about how this site is going to be real professionals not professional trainers doing all the instruction, training and discussion?   That is definitely the case with me right now.

I have a huge catalogue of original ideas developed over the past 10 years or so and when we expanded Biscardi Creative Media into the new facility in 2011, getting some of those original concepts developed became a major priority.   We have room in the building to service both our expanding client roster and run our own productions.   As you can imagine there have been a lot of false starts and false hopes through the years as we move to get these projects going.

A few months ago things really started to take off for a few of the projects and one in particular went into sizzle production two weeks ago.   For the two months prior and now for another two weeks, I’m in heavy “sizzle / pitch mode” to sell this project.    When we’re all said and done, this is going to make for a wonderful module here on this website and I’ll gladly share with you the entire process from start to finish.  There’s so much that goes into creating and then pitching your ideas both for traditional and new media.

IMG_9761-2Planning a shot with incredible Director of Photography, Marion Laney (left) and Cameraman Cory Pennington

I’m kind of torn on all of this because I have a 5 hour training module ready to shoot for this website that’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.   A colleague has an amazing set of modules we hope to record soon, but she’s also involved with my project and some other national projects.    We really really want to get these new materials up on the site, but as you can understand, we’re working right now and I’m putting everything I have into this new project.

So please bear with us while we work our actual “day jobs” and we’ll get some awesome new materials up here on this site soon!   These experiences will lead directly to some really interesting new modules here on the site.  Thanks so much and have an awesome day where ever you are in this incredible world.

Walter Biscardi, Jr.

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