Southeast Creative Summit a HUGE Success

As many of you know I’m one of the Co-Founders of the Atlanta Cutters Post Production User group and we just completed the largest event of our 2 year history.   The Southeast Creative Summit was held Oct. 25-27 in Atlanta featuring a veritable ‘who’s who’ in the creative industry presenting craft and business workshops.  The event went beyond our wildest dreams and our attendees found great value in the knowledge sharing.

SCS2013_01-8Mary Poplin presenting “Motion Tracking for Editors”

The entire idea was to focus on the craft and business of what we all do.  So many of these training events are centered around software and hardware specific “courses.”   Here’s how you push this button, here’s how you apply this effect, here’s how you attach the lens and shoot in RAW.   You can do so much of that online these days.  If you want to know how to push buttons effectively and use all the features in a new software, that’s a good skill to know.   But not something that will get me to pay hard earned money for a live training event.

The Summit featured over 130 creative professionals in an intimate setting of just 10 – 40 people per workshop which fostered a real discussion format in each session.  Instead of just being lectured to for 2 hours, this was 90 minutes of back and forth with incredibly talented creative professionals who are working and succeeding in this industry.  Over and over I heard, “I’ve never been to an event like this with so much emphasis on actually succeeding in the industry.”   Dana Popoff’s Budgeting and Location workshops for instance were just incredible.  Michael Cardillo’s Sound Design for Editors was incredibly popular.  Ed Novick’s Field Recording Done Right taught me more about microphone choice and mic placement in 60 minutes than my entire 23 year career.   Robbie Carman, Carey Dissmore and myself all spoke on good business and client management practices.   I could go on, but what an incredible three days of sharing.


Carey Dissmore said the Atlanta Creative Ball on Saturday night really gave him a sense of DéjaVu from the Media Motion Ball.  I took that as a very high compliment and was just another hugely successful networking and creative sharing event that sold out all 162 seats.

I’m happy to say the Summit and the Ball will return around the same timeframe in 2014.  I sincerely hope you are able to join us for what should be another amazing weekend.

SCS2013_01-62The Atlanta Cutters.  TJ Jaglinski, Dan Daube, Kris Merkel, Walter Biscardi Jr.

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