The Start of “Good Eats” Animations

This morning I’m going through my old, OLD emails to finally clean up a lot of the clutter that has remained over the years and I found a great trip down memory lane.  The original email inquiry as to whether I could create the animations or if I could refer them to someone else.

See how all of this started was a simple request on Creative COW from a local Director of Photography who needed help with his editing system.  I responded and when I got to his office, I noticed he had a stack of “Good Eats” DVDs on the desk.  That’s when I found out he was the DP of one of my favorite shows AND it was shot right here in Atlanta.  I honestly had no idea at that time.   When we were done with his system, I left behind a demo DVD that included some silly animations I had created for another client.

Well just a few days later, I got the email below that started a great 5 year run that’s still my favorite project I’ve ever participated in.  The episode was “Sprung A Leek” in Season 8 and Alton was looking for Monty Python inspired work.   As a huge fan of Terry Gilliam and all things Monty Python, AB and I clicked right away and the rest, as they say, is history.  It all culminates with AB proudly proclaiming me as his “Super Geek” in the “Behind the Eats” episode.  Oh I do also have two speaking lines in “Fishin’ Whole” where I get to taunt Alton for his fear of clowns.   Here’s a little article I wrote back in 2006 about the series workflow.  

For me that’s the most wonderful part about sharing knowledge about this incredible industry I get to be a part of.  You just never know who is connected to whom and where your little act of kindness might lead.


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