BCM_Facility - 21

I Can Do That! (How am I going to do that?)

I've been working on a new e-Learning proposal for the past few…

The Business of Hiding (behind emails and phone screening)

As a small business owner for 20 years now (wow, has it been…
Wally Lynda
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"Video Budgeting" - My first training course from

I'm proud to announce my first training product from…
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Could 2016 Be The Year Everything Changed?

In the same week of October, Microsoft and Apple both debuted…

Let's Make An Animated Short Film

I have been an animation fan and especially stop action animation…

Mac OS Sierra; Proceed with Caution

Thanks to a stupid user error on my part, I found myself unable…
Filmic 1

Mobile Video: Filmic Pro Proves too Buggy to Use.

Well after singing the praises of Filmic Pro and my entire mobile…