#WallyCam #NABShow 2016 |Rampant Design Tools with Sean and Stef

#WallyCam returns to NAB Show for its fourth year and we kick off 2016 with the awesome Sean and Stephanie Mullen from Rampant Design Tools.  This husband / wife duo are the brains and artists behind what I feel are THE best style effects and now plug-ins on the planet.   Sean creates many of the effects in camera shooting up to 6k resolution and the results are looks and overlays that are simply unmatched by a simple plug-in or something created via software.

For NAB 2016 they released 14 NEW PRODUCTS!   There’s really nothing else on the market that comes close to the variety and quality of Rampant Design offers.   You’d also be hard pressed to find two better or more hard working people than Sean and Stef.   Check out our chat on their new products, what we’re looking forward to at NAB 2016 and then click on the links above to get some amazing tools to up your production game.

WallyCam is decidedly low tech and casual.  I’m covering both the tech and creative of NAB Show along with some of the fun and experience of Las Vegas and the awesome people who come here every year.   It’s a reunion and networking event all rolled into one.

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