It was another fun NAB Show for #WallyCam though this year was decidedly more low key.  Fewer videos and most all of them from the Media Motion Ball.  It was a much more casual and relaxed time for me this year spending more time actually chatting with folks and less time getting the camera out at every opportunity.  So this year you’re getting more of the family reunion, social networking vibe of what it’s like at NAB Show.   If you’ve never been, do try to get out at least once in a while to actually be able to put faces and voices with those you interact with on social media.

#WallyCam is decidedly low tech and casual.  This year with a fedora.

First off it’s Sean and Stefani Mullen from Rampant Design Tools.   This husband / wife duo are the team behind what I feel are THE best style effects on the planet. For NAB 2016 they released 14 new products. Here we are in front of the Diablo on The Strip chatting about their products and NAB Show.

What I love most about NAB Show. Meeting folks who I know through social media. This is Khoren Mirzakhanian’s first NAB Show so of course we talk about that and what he’s looking at on the show floor.  Find him on Twitter @KolorLux

When Dan asks “What is WallyCam” that’s my cue to turn on the camera and go. It’s Dan’s first show and of course Michele is an NAB veteran so we got to talking about Toolfarm and what they have introduced at NAB Show 2016. Dan’s kinda fun too.  Follow Michele on Twitter @MicheleYamazaki or @Toolfarm

I meet up with LONG time NAB Show Veteran Brian Scott and relative newcomer Amy Wilson as we discuss NAB Show, Media Motion Ball and what Amy was doing 26 years ago….. in Ontario.

I ran into the man behind the Premiere Bro fansite, Sean Schools at the Media Motion Ball. An NAB Show rookie, we talk about his work to promote Adobe Premiere Pro and his experience as a first timer at the show.  Find him on Twitter @PremiereBro

At the Media Motion Ball I ran into Adam Bedford of the Going POSTal podcasts and Atlanta Cutters alum Chris Johnston who now calls Las Vegas home. We chat what we’re liking at NAB show and dessert.    Find Adam on Twitter @GoingPOSTalAdam and Chris @goCMJ

I run into longtime friend Ron Sussman and Bill Garmen at the Media Motion Ball where we chat NAB Show gear and the Motion Ball.   Follow Ron on Twitter @ronsussman and Bill @bgarmen

Sitting a table of Canucks at the Media Motion Ball, the discussion turned to the lack of Canadian teams in the NHL Playoffs for the first time in a very long time. We also go for Extreme WallyCam. This is a #WallyCam Extra….