#WallyCam #NABShow 2015 | Blackmagic Design’s Grant Petty at NAB Show 2015

My annual chat with Blackmagic Design’s Founder Grant Petty is always one of my highlights of the week. It’s a low-key casual chat and honestly I wish I had started rolling when I first got there as this could have been a 30 minute video. We discuss the latest from Blackmagic Design, his inspirations in the industry, why Resolve 12 really feels like Resolve 1.0, and why all the male models in BMD marketing seem to resemble Marco Solorio. Thanks for your good humor Grant!

WallyCam is decidedly low tech and casual. I’m covering both the tech and creative of NAB Show along with some of the fun and experience of Las Vegas and the awesome people who come here every year. It’s a reunion and networking event all rolled into one.

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